Green Rose Design Studio specializes in digital graphic creation, layout, and design, with a special emphasis on internet presentation. We create custom images, icons, and diagrams in both bitmap and vector formats, and design and build websites.

My name is Heather Wimberly, and I work pretty much on my own, but sometimes enlist help from my daughter, Bethany Beech. At times I also collaborate with other designers and content creators.

I have listed some of my current work in our Web Design tab, and point to some vector (mine) and photo (Bethany's) portfolios in the Microstock Vector Tab and the Portfolio tab.

Our first internet business was web design. We designed our first site in 1996, and we are still designing web sites today. Work is ongoing on the following sites:

In 2007 we started selling vector images online through Later we expanded to Shutterstock and other companies.

Here's a widget showing Heather's latest and bestselling vectors on

My latest images for sale at Shutterstock:

My most popular images for sale at Shutterstock:

and Bethany both have portfolios on Flickr.

See Heather's complete portfolio of vectors on, and on

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